58 years and counting


Some of our classmates weren't able to attend our 55 year reunion, but that doesn't mean we can't stay in touch with them!  This new page of our website is dedicated to reunions of the long distance kind and sharing information about those whose faces we didn't get to see in person!

Thanks so much to Kipp Miller for being the first (and only, unfortunately) to share information about himself and what he was doing August 23 and 24, 2019. Kipp was fishing with his daughter in Alaska!  Had Kipp been able to attend the reunion, we would have learned that after graduation, he left Pueblo in 1967 for the Army and has not returned since, living mostly in Texas.  He spent 21 years in the US Army, Military Police, and retired as a First Sergeant.  He then spent 17 years in public education, retiring as an assistant principal.  Kipp still teaches at Central Texas College in the Criminal Justice field.  Thank you for your years of service, Kipp.  We so hope you can make it to the next reunion!