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James Aguirre
Chuck Aldridge

Richard Apodaca
Bill Avalos

Margie Baca Montez

Robert (Bob) Ball
Paulette (Baril) Frazer
Eugene Baros

Melodee Barrows LeMaster

Michael  Bartleson
Johanna Bishop

Sandy Bosco
Ron Boyd

Larry Brooks
Tom Byerly

Nick Cabral
Tim Cervantes

Claude "Butch" Chavez

Donna Christman (Fluke)

James Cleveland
Charon (Cogley) Humphrey

Frank Colletti
Mary Jo (Conatore) Latino

Rose Mary Couch
Carol (Cox) Tucker

Roberta (Clyne) Arguello
Merle Davison
Johnny Dell

Steve Dikeman
Charlene M. Dunfee
Ray Elder

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Lester D. Garrett
Steven Gleason

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Tom Grace

Dan Greiner

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Gordon Harford

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Richard  Kerr

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John Lest

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Joe G. Prutch

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Henrietta Wilson-Betts
Betty (Winnegar) Schultz                     Lloyd Withrow
Steve Yamamoto

Missing Classmates

Marian J. Austin

Fred Ballou
Patricia Casey 

Russell Clawson

James W. Dale
Iris Janet Duran

Rose Mary Espinoza
Betty Louise Fernandez
Patricia Ferrier
Phyllis (Gadlin) Thomas
Kerrian T. Garner
William Dennis Green

Alice (Guzowsky) Hight
Pam (Haun) Oliver
Donald Gene Heister
Phyllis (Hilmes) Cannon
Jim Hollyfield
Bertha (Infante) Milroy
Eddie Janezick
Lucille E. (Jiron) Trujillo

Joyce Leota Kasic
Paul John Kellner
Judy Ann Kendall
Carol Lee Kennedy
Kenneth Kreis
Mary H. Leiba

Kenneth Lewis
Peggy (Lowery) Stucker
Ruby Mary Lucero
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Theodore Madolen Martinez
Marlene Wilma (Martinez) Santisteven
Sherry (Maurello) Brandon

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Juan Nuci
Pamela Marie O'Connor
David Ortiz
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Desi Ortiz
Lydia (Otero) Zamarippa
Sharon L. Potter
Genevieve (Quintana) Sanchez
Doris A. Ramirez
Rosella Romero
Stella Romero
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Esther Louise Sandoval
Floyd Le Roy Santistevan
Modesto Margarito Santistevan
Mary Edna Seeley

Leon /Daryl Sloan

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Daryl Swartz
Tom Tafoya
Eleanor S. (Trujillo) Sanchez
Richard James Trujillo
Manuel Urioste
Paul Edward Valdez
Marcia Varner

Dorothy Martha Vigil

Missing and Deceased Classmates

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Robert (Bob) Ball, 75, of Henderson, Nev., passed away March 15, 2022, from natural causes. Bob is survived by his wife, Karen Ball of Henderson, Nev.; two children, Kelly (Ray) Boyle of Chicago, Ill., and Robb (Michelle) Ball of Orono, Minn.; and five grandchildren, Sean, Jack, Cait, Sammy and Hailey. He was preceded in death by his parents; and two sisters. Bob was born on Aug. 16, 1946, in Pueblo, Colo. He was the second child of six and attended Pueblo South High School. Bob married the love of his life, Karen, in 1964. He played basketball and received a bachelor's degree in engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 1968. Upon graduating from CSM, he went to work for Alcan Aluminum as a Staff Engineer in Riverside, Calif. Alcan was Bob's first job out of college. He worked for the company for 33 years, making friends, taking care of people, innovating, changing, traveling the globe and steadily rising through the organization to eventually lead all of Europe, the technology world and leaving the company as a revered leader. Bob and Karen retired to a ranch on the North Fork of the Shoshone River in Cody, Wyo., (by the north entrance of Yellowstone), and eventually came to Henderson, Nev., in 2010. Bob was joyful, kind, gregarious, remarkably intelligent, curious, incredibly hard-working, wise, generous beyond reason, family-centered and tough. He was a doer, a lifelong learner, reading newspapers from all perspectives and countries on most mornings. His ideas were always interesting, extensive and uniquely Bob's. He loved to read, hang out with friends, hunt, fish, golf, drive his truck, follow the wolves in Yellowstone, hang out with his animals, watch sports, eat wings, drink beer, travel and he loved a good party. Most of all, he enjoyed spending time with Karen. Bob and Karen doted on their grandchildren. They hosted the kids for weeks at a time on the ranch and in Las Vegas, traveled to events, planned experiences, hosted vacations, rushed to support the kids and family during any crisis and never missed a family Christmas. Bob rarely met anyone he didn't like, or who didn't fall in love with him quickly. He was a son, brother, husband, father and friend to many, and literally couldn't say a bad word about anyone. He will truly be missed! Memorial service, 11 a.m. on March 21, 2022, held at the Dragon Ridge Country Club, Henderson, Nev. Join us to celebrate the life of Bob Ball, life well-lived and loved.

Lester Garrett's Celebration of Life Memorial Service was held on Saturday, November 2, 2019, at the Imperial Gardens Funeral Home on the Beulah Highway at 2:00 P.M.  Following the service, a military tribute in his honor took place.  Everyone who attended was invited to join in at a reception at the Courtyard Marriott at City Center.  To see pictures from Lester's service, click on this button.

58 years and counting

Our classmate John DiCiacco has for several years been involved in a charity called Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) which helps veterans suffering from PTSD.  He encourages donations to this charity in the name of veteran classmates who have passed.  For more information on how to donate, click on this button.

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In Memoriam List

Douglas Peats, August, 2023

Sandy Bosco, August, 2023


Michael P. "Mickey" Moore, August 6, 2023

Melodee "Dee" Barrows LeMaster, March 14, 2023

Thomas W. Tucker, January 31, 2023

John Howard Rheuff, Jr., December 30, 2022

Robert (Bob) Ball, March 15, 2022

 See info about Bob's passing at the bottom of this column

Claude "Butch" Chavez, February 25, 2022

Sharon Meadows Schermerhorn

     December 7, 2021

Margie Baca Montez- September 12-2021

Cynthia Lucille Hensal- Renier - July 22, 2021  (She first married one of our classmates, Melvin Ness) 

(obituary at

Linda West Lang -  June 6, 2021
(Linda was laid to rest in the fall in Salida with her family.  She had 2 celebrations of life, one with family and one with co-workers prior to her death)

John Lest -  June 2021
Judy Porter Krall - April 23, 2021

FRANK RICOTTA, Teacher - October 6, 2020 (Online condolences can be made at

Rose Mary Couch Lorenz - July 10, 2010        .

Stephen Maldonado, Dec. 10, 2020

​​Donna Christman Fluke, Dec. 6, 2020

Darlene Waugh Wilkerson...June 4, 2020

Dennis Williams...May 23, 2020

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Anthony Kadunc...March, 2019

Lester D. Garrett...Oct. 16, 2019

Ron LaSavio...June 23, 2019

Harold LeVeaux...May 18, 2019

​Virginia Wageley Spieker, April, 2019

Roberta Clyne Arguello...July, 2016

Joyce Nazelrod Bregar...July, 2017

James information provided

Ron Trimble...June, 2017

Marvin Griesan...July, 2017

Charlotte Herrick Udziela...August 25, 2017

Michael Noakes...November, 2017

Robert Krasovec...January 9, 2018

James McGrath...May, 2018